Transformers director Michael Bay has shot the action-laden 'One Gift' holiday campaign for Victoria's Secret, which can now be watched on YouTube.

An old hand at large-budget action flicks ( Armageddon, Bad Boys), Bay had the envious task of transforming the lingerie label's set into a scene of supermodels posing amid exploding barrels, helicopters, and motorbikes - all set against heavy-metal tunes.

But there are also 'softer' scenes in the one-minute-and-a-half-long commercial, with 'Angels' including Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, and Alessandra Ambrosio lounging on billiard tables and huge beds.

The word 'cliché' springs to mind, which is exactly what the label was going for: the slogan for Bay's campaign is 'One Gift - A Thousand Fantasies,' hinting at every man's secret desires - a concept, which also inspired Désirs, the new show of legendary Paris-based cabaret, The Crazy Horse.

Bay's gig for Victoria's Secret is part of a trend of fashion and beauty labels tapping major movie directors to shoot their ad campaigns. Chanel is considered to have started this trend with its Baz Luhrmann-directed commercial for the 2005 'No. 5' fragrance ad, starring Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman. Recently, Dior announced David Lynch as the director of its upcoming 'Lady Dior' campaign, and Chanel is rumored to have tapped Martin Scorsese for its 'No. 5' follow-up.

Victoria's Secret also made headlines this week with its Harlequin Fantasy Bra, which reportedly is worth $3 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, this bra - the annual diamond-encrusted highlight of the label's fashion show - is already a 'recession version' of last year's, which boasted ten times as many carats.