London Fashion Week: Sibling model gets stilettos caught on dress, kicks them off and carries on with the show

Model adds an obstacle course element to the catwalk show

It's a hard life being a model.

You have to make being beautiful look so effortless, wear expensive fancy clothes from the industry's top designers, and then there's the jet set travel to some of the world's most glamourous cities. And you have to do all of this in high-heeled shoes.

It's no wonder, then, that with all of this on their plate, models occasionally take a tumble.

But this afternoon, when, during Sibling's London Fashion Week show at Somerset House, one of the models got her stilettos caught in her long white knit dress on the catwalk, instead of ending up in an undignified pile of wool mid-runway, she did what any good professional would do and kicked the shoes off and pushed on with the show.


Maintaining her air of icy cool to the end of the catwalk and back before exiting the stage, the model left the footwear strewn across the floor. Needless to say, some of the models who followed looked less than impressed at having to add a certain element of slalom to their strut.