Models showcase Sibling's collection at London Fashion Week / Getty Images; EPA

A collection for girls that just wanna have fun

The twin set, that stalwart of the Home Counties, is anything but conservative in the talented hands of the Sibling trio, who took inspiration from Holiday-era Madonna for spring/summer.

Vast bow headbands, rara frills on knitted dresses and a BodyMap-esque pattern were straight from the Eighties while a likeness of Her Madgesty appeared as an intarsia knit on a light blue sweater.

Hot pants, skirts and frill-fronted jackets in colourful needle-punched denim and neon-scrawled neoprene biker jackets provided the witty knitters' signature subversion. Bold, blocky shoulders were balanced against sheer ruffles while itsy-bitsy bralets paired with flouncy skirts were bolstered by crocheted crinolines.

Sex tape Xs marked the spot on one model's nipples, while many tops were teamed simply with knickers - some ruffled some gymkit simple. To borrow from another Eighties idol for a moment, this was a collection for girls who just wanna have fun.