Look Who's Talking: A life of disorganised calm: Hates arguing, loves talking. Gaby Roslin wants to be a TV presenter for ever

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AT THE weekends I have a lie-in and don't get up until about 8am. That's a lie-in for me because weekdays I'm usually up long before dawn to get to work.

Nine and a half times out of 10, I wake up at 3.45am feeling fine and go into my routine - a glass of apple juice, a wash, put on a bit of mascara, then a tracksuit, and leave the house at 4.15am. I drive myself to work in my Golf from west London, which takes another half an hour.

The first thing I do at The Big Breakfast studios in Hackney is read through my notes. I don't know until then what we're doing that day. We have an hour-long production meeting from 5am; then it's hair, make-up, a change of clothes and a final read-up of my notes before the 7am start of the show. The Big Breakfast isn't scripted, but it is signposted. If I was a manic caffeine addict I'm sure I'd constantly be shaking and thinking I couldn't cope, but I drink herbal tea. My mind is full of organised chaos and disorganised calm.

After the show I change again, into the tracksuit or jeans, and drive home. I change several times a day, mostly bits and pieces such as T-shirts and jackets. When I'm not working I'm a terrible television addict and always have been. I'll set my video for programmes like Absolutely Fabulous, The Man From Auntie, The Rector's Wife and the superb Cutting Edge documentary series on Channel 4. I think escapism is very important, and although I don't record it, I do follow EastEnders. I love and miss Dallas and Dynasty, but UK Gold is repeating both of them. I watch them whenever I go to my hairdresser.

I can stay out quite late during the week, but Saturday night is my 'late night' - it's like being back at school. I've never been a nightclub person but I do like going out to eat and catching up with friends. I like Thai or Italian cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere, because my life is otherwise so frantic and frenetic. I love talking - now there's a surprise.

I am an optimist. Being nasty, having bad thoughts and arguing are a waste of minutes, hours and days. It's much nicer being happy and having a good time. I can't complain - what have I got to complain about? Contrary to popular belief, and to what some newspapers tell me, I'm not leaving The Big Breakfast. I'll certainly be on the show all of this year.

When I was doing Saturday morning children's television, someone asked me what I wanted to do next. I said: live television every day, have a good time, be myself and do meaty interviews. Bang] Along came The Big Breakfast.

I've managed to fulfil a lot of childhood dreams, and there aren't many people who can say that. What I want to do now is fulfil my adult one - which is to go on presenting for ever and ever.

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