Detail of the dress made entirely of loom bands / eBay/helenwright1972

The colourful rubber bands are still popular, but not as before, as the creative dress is auctioned for charity and sold for just a fraction of the previous bids

Following eBay’s bidding disappointment, the dress made entirely of loom bands, has finally sold, but for only £220.

Think back to summer when the world was obsessed with the colourful rubber bands, celebrities and royalty were spotted sporting them, and some went further than just a bracelet by making actual garments out of them, including this popular dress.

In July two enterprising Welsh ladies made the loom-band dress and placed it on eBay with the starting price of £50, but it quickly attracted attention with bids of over £170,000. However, dress designers Helen Smith and Kathryn Burnand were left disappointed when the winning bid fell through and although it was reposted online, it remained unsold.

The loom band dress was listed on eBay

But it seems the loom band craze still lives among us, but not as before, as the dress has finally sold, but for only £220 - just a fraction of the eBay’s bid.

Last weekend the dress was auctioned at a ball in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Although the pair didn’t make any money out of it with all proceeds going to charity, they were left with the satisfying news that the dress would cover the cost of a Macmillan nurse for nine hours.

Loom bands became the craze of the year. They are used to create bracelets and necklaces, but many other items have been made out of them: bikinis, ties, Barbie’s clothes and beanies.

This dress was one of the most-talked about garments. It was UK size 4-6 and made out of 20,000 individual rubber bands, which cost less than a penny each.