Madonna falls during her performance at the BRIT music awards at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London /

Madonna isn't the only star to suffer an unfortunate incident in the costume department.

Madonna's fall at last night's Brit Awards might be the hot topic of conversation for the day, but the singer is far from the first public figure to suffer for style.

From Kate Middleton to Janet Jackson there's an ever building list of famous figures whose fashion choices have rather publicly backfired.

For us mere mortals wardrobe disasters occupy barely a passing thought; a skirt tucked into knickers, an undone zipper or an unsightly sweat patch are just about as bad as it's going to get.

For famous faces, things can and do get a whole lot worse.

An errant gust of wind, energetic dance routine or a flimsy costume can spell disaster.


Madonna suffered an unfortunate fall on stage last night when her Armani cape was tied too tight meaning instead of it being dramatically whipped off by a dancer as planned, the star was pulled down a flight of stairs.

One of the most famous wardrobe malfunctions occurred back in 2004 when on stage during the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson's costume fell away to reveal her breast.

Equally iconic was Jennifer Lawrence's fall during the 2013 Oscars, on her way to accept the award for best actress she made possibly the most stylish fall ever - up the stairs with her couture gown beautifully splayed out around her.

The 2015 Oscars which took place last weekend wasn't without its dress mishap - Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo was mid-pose when her Calvin Klein dress slipper and she realised she was giving the photographer's an eyeful.

Such is the regularity of these incidents a new phrase has been coined: "nipslip" to describe such unintended flashes of flesh.