McDonald’s launches clothing line using Big Mac prints

The fast food giant has released matching thermals, wellies and a rain coat as part of its new collection

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Big Mac fans are in for a treat as McDonald’s launches its first ever clothing line emblazoning its popular burger all over it.

The fast food chain unveiled Big Mac-patterned matching thermals – and it has also wellies and a raincoat coming up next, alongside a homeware line that includes bed sheets, wallpaper and a dog coat.

The collection, launched earlier this week in Sweden, celebrates McDonald’s latest 'I’m Lovin It 24' campaign with the print featuring their iconic burger on a white background. The line will be presented at a fashion show in Stockholm, will be available online only and will contribute to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Big Mac dog coat

A spokesperson for the brand said: “We’re proud of the Big Mac – the most popular burger in the world and the most popular burger in Sweden. Millions of Big Macs are sold in Sweden every year and the burger has a lot of fans. This is why we’ve chosen to sell Big Mac products exclusively in our own web shop.”

This is not the first time we see the food chain's presence in the fashion world. Last year Jeremy Scott took inspiration from McDonald’s for his Moschino debut, emblazoning his autumn/winter 2014 collection with the burger joint’s golden arches and bold reds and yellows. Scott’s designs are currently available on eBay, some with price tags in their thousands - making McDonald's official offering look all the more tempting.

McDonald's-inspired Moschino collection by Jeremy Scott for his autumn/winter 2014 collection

Shop the collection here.