Meat and two veg, and a new look

Your supermarket's own brand fashion is starting to give designer labels a run for their money.
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Tesco might not have quite the cachet of Prada or Gucci ... yet. But increasingly, supermarkets are muscling in on fashion territory. Stores used to be exclusively for the sale of food and the daily necessities of life. You would certainly not expect an Adidas hooded top to appear a few aisles down from the washing powder in Tesco, but there they are. At Asda, too, it's possible to find a colourful stripey jumper not unlike those by Clements Ribeiro, by resident designer George Davis. At Sainsbury's Savacentres, a camel trouser suit is a paltry pounds 60. These clothes may not be for label queens, but where there is a gap in the market, it will be filled - and by who better than supermarkets, which can provide clothes at prices that are as easy to swallow as a chocolate eclair.


Range: Items; style rating: 7/10; value for money 10/10

Tesco is making waves with bargain basement prices for Adidas sportswear, undercutting sports specialists and selling the stuff at prices equivalent to those in America. Sadly, the cut-price Levi 501s have sold out. Stocking up on sports gear is the main reason to shop for clothes at Tesco, but while you're there, take a look at Items, Tesco's own label featuring garments that can be worn day-to-day, such as jeans, sweatshirts and leggings in a wide range of sizes. Colours are black, white, navy and grey, with seasonal additions.

Prices: Basic jeans, pounds 16; bootleg jeans, pounds 20; moleskin jeans in chocolate brown and black, pounds 26; 18" jersey mini-skirts, pounds 12; leggings, pounds 10. Also available - Adidas SL96 Plus Lea running shoes, pounds 25, (usually pounds 49.99); and Adidas branded T-shirts, pounds 10, (usually pounds 25). Inquiries: 0800-505 555.


Range: I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S; style rating: 6/10; value for money: 7/10

This range is sold as "directional fashion essentials for any occasion", and it looks good. There are plenty of bright hard-wearing clothes for children, casual separates for men, and suits and casualwear for women (sizes 10-18) in directional colours and styles. Great fleeces for winter. Inquiries: 01189 368 000


Range: George at Asda; style rating: 8/10; value for money: 7/10

This is the only range by a supermarket that attempts to keep up with fashion, and succeeds. There are clothes for men, women and children for everyday, special occasions, and a good old night on the town. For autumn knitwear and tailoring for women (sizes 8-18) it is very strong. The classic evening wear is awash with sequins and black chiffon. Worth a look, if only at the leopard-print underwear sets that wouldn't look out of place on the Princess of Wales. Inquiries: 0500-100 055.