Funny film released starring Justin O'Shea to promote Berlin fashion week.

To promote next week's Mercedes-Benz fashion week which is taking place in Berlin, the event's sponsors have created a spoof ad, promoting the event.

The short film stars Justin O'Shea, who is not an actor in the conventional sense, but the buying director of online retailer

The film follows him on his day to day life as he prepares for fashion week interspersed with acts of posing and random speeches.

The ad is a brilliant parody of the sometimes perplexing fashion and fragrance ads created every season by brands.

The ad begins with O'Shea in a swishy sports car, driving at night complete with moody background music:

"I'm searching for something, the streets blazed with a gentle chaos, I knew just the place where I could get what I needed."

The film cuts to O'Shea in a convenience store, picking out milk.

In another scene O'Shea visits some friends who are perplexed at his entrance: "Is he walking in slow motion?"

Whoever said fashion people can't laugh at themselves?