Celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, cosmetics company NARS has released two special product palettes for flutterers and pouters.

Everlasting Love features the label's infamous 'Orgasm' blush and 'South Beach' multiple (i.e., suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks) as well as four lip shades including 'Belle de Jour' and 'Promiscuous.'

For the eyes, customers can also choose from four different hues such as 'Night Breed' or 'Underworld' to create the trendy smokey-eyed look.

While Everlasting Love focuses on a bold look for the eyes, Wild at Heart is all about achieving the perfect red pout, with lipstick colors ranging from 'Fire Down Below' to 'Manhunt,' leaving no questions unanswered as for the intention of their wearers.

To avoid sultry overkill, eyeshadow colors are kept more subtle, including the 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'Pandora' hues.

The palettes, both including a compact mirror, sell for €65 each at international stores and online.

Site: narscosmetics.com