Net-a-porter launches fantasy gifts including an endless shopping bag and new shoes every week for a year

Luxury online retailer has this week unveiled its range of fantasy gifts.

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It's an activity that most fans of will have indulged in at some point; filling their shopping bag with a fantasy shopping list of designer goods.

Well providing you have the cash to back that up, that activity could become a reality with the launch of net-a-porter's fantasy gifts.

This month, the online retailer has launched five experiences as part of it's Holiday Shop which are designed to be the ultimate treat for a loved one.

The Endless Shopping Bag does what it says on the tin - provides the lucky recipient with unlimited store credit and a dedicated Personal Shopper to help them use it. The price tag, like the shopping bag is obviously unlimited.

For shoe lovers, a new pair every week for an entire year is the ultimate present, if you know someone with a spare £26,000 that is.

The ultimate shoe gift - a new pair of shoes every week for a year.

A bag subscription provides a new handbag every month for a year, with access to pre-order styles and first pick of new stock. A snip at £18,000.

A stylist for the season service will see provide a personal shopper to help you with those all important shopping queries. £15,000/£30,000 depending on how much you'll purchase.

A new bag every month for a year

Finally for beauty fans the Ultimate Beauty Kit is a bespoke collection of must-have products and cult classics curated by experts. A bargain at £2,000.

"Fantasy gifts are incredibly special; they are the ultimate luxury for the woman who has everything" says Sasha Sarokin, Buying Manager of

"In addition, to have the ease, support and advice of a dedicated personal shopper is next-level service. The curation of an expert to guide them through the process can open a woman to a world of style and beauty that she may not have considered before."

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