Sample sale sites that call themselves 'exclusive' are all the rage in fashion and beauty right now, and there's yet another one that was just launched: Market for Drama (

In reality, almost all of these 'members-only communities' grant membership to anyone who is willing to fill out a questionnaire with their personal details and shopping preferences, but no matter: online shoppers are buying into the exclusive feel of the sites, and stores keep sprouting.

After stylish newsletter Daily Candy ( and department store Saks Fifth Avenue both announced their members-only boutiques recently, it is now Market for Drama, which is causing a stir, due to its more editorial approach.

The new service, which focuses on luxury beauty products, is divided into two sections, the 'Shop' and the 'Journal,' which will feature original editorial content, recommending products. Its design is more fashionable and 'edgy' than that of other sample sale sites, however half of the products featured have already been making the rounds elsewhere (M Lab, Alison Raffaele).

Other existing sites specializing in beauty sample sales include The Fairest ( and The Skinny (