The global retail push organized by Vogue magazine, among others, will take place on September 10 next year, and not on September 9 as previously announced.

Organizers said that the date had been changed because Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, on September 9 would have interfered with New Yorkers' readiness to shop that night.

September 10 is also the date that this year's event took place all over the world with cities such as Paris, Tokyo and London participating. Stores stayed open till late and celebrities and fashion personalities organized interactive events for the public.

Stores haven't published individual sales figures of the night - and many think that shoppers mainly came for the parties and freebies rather than the shopping - but US research firm ShopperTrak said that the "overwhelming turnout [...] lifted sales throughout the country" and according to the site, the event boosted store visits by 50 percent.

In another study, New York City's marketing company NYC & Co. found that out of 1,300 shoppers, 75 percent bought something that evening, while two thirds visited stores they had never been to before.