Double trouble for JLo who wore an almost identical dress to Luciana Pedraza.

It's never ideal to turn up at a party to find another guest dressed in the exact same outfit but when it happens at the Oscars it's rather disastrous.

Jennifer Lopez was the unlucky guest who arrived to find her sequinned Elie Saab ball gown had already made its debut on Luciana Pedraza - Robert Duvall's wife.

Whilst the two gowns weren't identical - Lopez's came in a nude shade and Pedraza's was more of a brighter pink - the similarity is uncanny.

Both feature a sleeveless plunging neckline with embroidered bodice on a full layered tulle skirt.


Fortunately the stars are actually wearing two different designers - Lopez is in Elie Saab couture and Pedraza is in Jad Ghandour.

This is unlikely to be of any comfort to the two actresses on Hollywood's biggest night of the year.