Over 60 models arrested in Beijing for working illegally


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According to The Business Model, more than 60 foreign models have been arrested in China for working in the country illegally.

Models from the US and Europe were caught working in the country on tourist visas after police in Beijing staged a fake casting at Chinese model agency M3 last week.

Four models have reportedly been jailed and 60 others remain in custody and will most likely face deportation.

In addition, it has been reported that other models have been arrested in Guangzhou and have disclosed models’ residences to police.

China has become a hot destination for young women pursuing a modelling career, as it has emerged at the forefront of the fashion conversation with major luxury labels such as Burberry, Dior Homme and Michael Kors, building their presence in the region.

For a model to work legally in China an entertainment visa is required, which often takes at least two months to process and requires more effort from the applicant, hence agencies advising models to work illegally under tourist visas, which are far easier to obtain.