Hilton heiress Paris has announced via her Twitter account that she was "dressed as Marilyn Monroe" while shooting the campaign for her upcoming tenth fragrance, suggesting that it is now 'okay' to incarnate someone else in order to sell your signature scent.

As the fragrance experts at renowned beauty blog, The Scented Salamander pointed out, Hilton's (or her advisers') decision to go for the iconic actress's bombshell look could be more groundbreaking than evident at first sight.

"We now note the existence of the double-celebrity-fragrance genre which enables you to access the charisma of two celebs for the price of one," the site's editors wrote. So far, capturing the star's identity in a perfume was the essence of the celebrity fragrance and its unique selling point.

According to Hilton's blog, the shooting, with photographer Tony Duran, took place on January 28. Details on name, pricing, and availability of the fragrance have not yet been released.