Angus Mitchell, son of the prominent hair salon chain's founder, has launched his first signature salon in Los Angeles.

With his new Angus M store on North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, Mitchell -- who previously worked for his father's empire -- says he is "sure to stop Angelenos in their tracks." 

And while he admits that "a hair salon may not be new to the area," the hairdresser says his business will set itself apart through the fully "ionic experience."

Ionic styling, which uses negative ions to retexturize the hair, is one of the latest crazes in hairdressing and has brought about products such as ionic straightening irons. But there are very few salons specializing in this method exclusiveley.

"Paint with a mineral blend is used on the walls, which allows the naturally negative ions to help purify the air," reads a release. And the so-called 'Wash House 'has "ionized mud on the walls that traps odors and impurities for a healthier air environment."

In addition, all water used at the salon is filtered through an ionization machine, and tools such as brushes, dryers and irons all have negative ionic coating. According to Mitchell, "these naturally negative ions help our hair and bodies retain moisture, remove impurities and dry faster."

It seems as if Angus Mitchell is eager to step out of his father's shadow, while staying true to the 'Paul Mitchell way.' Stating that he wants to "continue [his] legacy" -- his 'Take Home' bar is stocked with products of the Paul Mitchell Systems line -- he also says he is "not afraid to take risks."


440 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

+1 310.550.7716