Following a 'softer' burlesque trend, the beauty industry seems to be rolling out the full monty now, offering sex toys and pheromone-infused perfumes.

The Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse previously launched the Crazy Duckie, a duck-shaped vibrator, as part of its beauty range for Sephora before Christmas, and now the trend seems to be working the other way around, too, with a sex toy site introducing a beauty range serious enough to be reviewed by beauty media.

LoveHoney, which specializes in feminine sex toys, will soon sell beauty products ranging from a pheromone-infused solid perfume to lip-plumping glosses (Lip Venom previously introduced a similar product) or a massage candle that, once melted, is fit to use on the body.

A growing influence of everything sex- or maybe burlesque-related in beauty is undeniable: Agent Provocateur sells fragrances, Nivea launched a collaboration with lingerie designer Chantal Thomass last summer, and the world's most famous burlesque dancer Dita von Teese announced in September that she would release her first beauty guide this fall, while fashion designer Vivienne Westwood released an update of her Boudoir fragrance.

The burlesque wave in beauty follows lingerie trends in fashion of wearing underwear as outerwear and gyms introducing striptease-inspired fitness classes.