Prada follows Chanel and Dior to Shanghai

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Prada is apparently not shying away from being compared to French competitor Chanel: the Italian fashion brand has just released a short film set in Shanghai to promote its men's spring/summer collection.

First spring, a black-and-white film set in Shanghai, by Chinese artist Yang Fudong, is inspired by the Chinese adage that "the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring" and shows Prada-clad models Adrian Sahores and Jacob Coupe mingling with traditionally dressed Chinese models in a "timeless, dreamlike realm where anything is possible."

The label's move, which represents an "exciting new direction for Prada's visual communications at the start of this decade," according to the fashion house, comes after other luxury brands including Dior and Chanel pioneered arty fashion films instead of conventional commercials.

Shanghai as a location is also spot-on trend, it seems, after Chanel hosted its annual Maison d'Arts show in the city and released a corresponding short film called Paris-Shanghai: A Fantasy, while Dior's new Lady Dior campaign, starring actress Marion Cotillard, was also shot in the Chinese metropolis by David Lynch.

Prada has simultaneously launched its official YouTube channel, called A Future Archive.