The right shades can make anyone look cool. With a suitcase full of sunglasses and photographer Gary Wallis, we tempted ordinary Londoners into trying different eyewear
Everybody loves the idea of dressing up: it's daring, it's fun, it can be silly, and it can be sexy. But most people stick to tried and tested dress codes out on the street, whether they're heading for work or play. Sunglasses are no exception. We set out with a suitcase-full and a camera to capture the people of London breaking their own rules. We persuaded a postman to slip into a pair of Oakley bug-eye shades, an assistant in a ladies'-wear shop to pop on a glittering Perspex Versace pair, and the head doorman at the Hilton into some Ray Ban X-Rays. The people we photographed wouldn't have chosen the sunglasses our stylist picked for them. But the pictures show that a little imagination and a lot of attitude go a long way. Next time you're buying a pair, be adventurous: a whole new you might be revealed by a wilder shape of shade. Melanie Rickey

TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Cook's Gianni Versace sunglasses from Gianni Versace, 34-36 Old Bond Street, London W1; Versace Collections, The Italian Centre, 162 Ingram Street, Glasgow

Gabriella Del Gaiso's ID sunglasses from Larache, 95 Parkway, London NW1, and Dispensary, 25 Pembridge Road, London W10. Enquiries: 0171 359 0012

Anthony Beckett's Paul Smith sunglasses from Paul Smith, 41-44 Floral Street, London WC2, and branches of David Clulow Opticians nationwide. Enquiries: 0171 379 7133

Steve Ferber's Gianni Versace sunglasses, as before

Laila Hegarty's Spi sunglasses from Duffer St George, Shorts Gardens, London WC2; The Dispensary, 25 Pembridge Road, W10

Peter Brigden's Police Mod sunglasses from leading opticians nationwide; Selfridges, Oxford St, W1. Enquiries: 01923 249 491

MIDDLE ROW: Danny O'Connor's Diesel sunglasses from Rackhams branches nationwide; Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1; The Diesel Store, 43 Earlham Street, London WC2. Enquiries: 0181 959 2374

Moses Turto's Spi sunglasses, as before

Millie Levy's Gianni Versace sunglasses, as before

Roger Rich's Spi sunglasses, as before

Mr Silverfish's Ray Ban sunglasses from leading opticians and department stores nationwide. Enquiries: The Sunglass Hut, 0171 493 3044

Robert Beard's Ray Ban sunglasses as before

BOTTOM ROW: Simona Marra's ID sunglasses, as before

Toby Kay's Diesel sunglasses, as before

Peter Howell's Oakley sunglasses from Dollond & Aitchison opticians, branches nationwide and Selfridges, Oxford St, London W1. Enquiries: 01462 475475

Agent Provocateur Mannequin's Cutler and Gross sunglasses from Cutler and Gross, 16 Knightsbridge Green, SW1. Enquiries: 0171 581 2250

Jake Kelleher's Diesel sunglasses, as before

Saunby's i2i sunglasses from Spirit, Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1; Way- In, Harrods, Knightsbridge, SW1. Enquiries: 0171 924 4334