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Ozwald Boateng's leap from computer engineering to Savile Row has taken 11 years. Last week, his colourful arrival was made official with the launch of his new shop at 9 Vigo Street (just on the borders of "The Row's" territory, which has always extended beyond the actual street itself).

Designed by Paul Brady - the man responsible for Kartouche's decor - the shop houses an off-the-peg department, a wholesale area and a bespoke workshop where men with a taste for brighter suits than those traditionally offered by Savile Row can be kitted out according to their precise body measurements. In fact, he's the second modern colourist to arrive recently: Richard James, who does a nice line in bright or sombre tweed, is now at 31 Savile Row.

Boateng's shop mirrors his tailoring style. His traditional technique and cutting skills are juxtaposed against vibrant colours: in the shop rich red velvet is displayed against a background of warm wood.

Boateng's clients include Lenny Henry, Seal, Spike Lee and veteran rocker Jimmy Page (you can tell from the cut and the colour of the suits). Boateng's press officer (even Savile Row has press officers these days) also claims MPs and retired colonels among the client list. But true to the Row's long tradition, client names are kept confidential.

Prices: off the peg from pounds 500, bespoke pounds 1,300-pounds 2,000.