Cape Town-based fragrance company Frazer Parfum has announced the opening of its first pop-up store for December 15.

Founder Tammy Frazer - whose grandfather Graham Wulff invented the facial moisturizer Oil of Olay - will use the store concept, which is still a rare strategy in beauty, to market her luxurious, all-natural perfumes to Cape Towners.

Popping up at 125 Waterkant Street December 15 (through February 15), the boutique will offer the new Solid Parfum range made from beeswax, which comes in a "hand carved sustainable African Blackwood pincushion compact" with Frazer adding that "both the perfume and the wood appreciate with age."

Before creating the Solid Parfum collection, Frazer made a name for herself by bottling organic scents, inspired by her travels and 'renarrated' in chapters, sourced from local produce. Even the flacons are hand blown by South African artisans.

The perfume house has recently inaugurated two retail outlets in Europe, one at Harrods in London and another at Oud-Zuid Amsterdam. Frazer's solid perfumes are priced at €76 but the label's 'Haute Parfums' can cost up to €425.