Costly spa treatments with unclear effects are a thing of the past, according to the management of the newly opened luxury spa at the Mira hotel in Hong Kong. Instead, the experts say that they have become aware of a trend of hotel spas teaming up with medical institutions for increased competence and credibility.

"Spas and medical centres are working more closely to mutually enhance each other's services," a representative told Relaxnews, adding that "[...] increasingly often, [clients] look to their spa therapist to recommend services outside of their scope such as medical procedures like laser skin rejuvenation or botox."

Ties are indeed so close that the MiraSpa "refers guests looking for more dramatic results" to Hong Kong's Union hospital.

As for products, the trend goes towards multi-purpose and thus more time-effective solutions, Relaxnews was told. Examples of such products are "cleanser and toners in one, exfoliators and masks in one, or overnight masks."

The MiraSpa carries products by Parisian skincare pioneer Anne Semonin and cult London brand Elemental Herbology, and has also invested in anti-aging 'machinery' from CACI Ultimate which uses micro current to "redefine and lift the skin contours, mild micro-dermabrasion to smooth out fine lines and lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and stimulate the blood flow." Against cellulite, the Hong Kong-based beauty experts recommend VelaSmooth, a "combination of vacuum suction which works to break down fatty deposits and drain toxins with infrared radio frequency to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite."