Spring beauty collections: coral and neon for the lips

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MAC's new product ranges were concocted with a little help from US design label Lilly Pulitzer and UK retailer Liberty of London and feature spring's key trends.

Apart from its much-anticipated new campaign 'From Our Lips' for the MAC Aids Fund starring Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper (products will go on sale in the US on March 18), the beauty brand is getting ready to launch some of its spring lines this month including an unlikely collaboration with US preppy brand Lilly Pulitzer that features neon-pink lipstick and trendy orange hues for the lips and face (Prices: $12 to $32). 'Mac in Lillyland' becomes available in the US on January 7, with Europe following in February.

The Alice in Wonderland-inspired name for the collection is part of a trend this spring that - coinciding with the launch of Tim Burton's new adaptation - sees themed launches by several other beauty labels that include a nail polish range by O.P.I (featuring names such as 'Mad as a Hatter') and an Urban Decay eye shadow palette called 'Book of Shadows.'

While the bright colors of MAC's Lilly Pulitzer line might not work for all skin tones, the brand will also release its 'All Ages, All Races, All Sexes' range January 7, which is meant for literally anyone and focuses on eyes and brows (Prices: $14 to $21).

MAC's annual 'Spring Colour Forecast Collection' (this year mostly featuring pink and purple hues as well as the trend color of the season, coral) will hit stores in February, with its 'Too Fabulous' range and a collaboration with upscale department store Liberty of London following in March.