The red lip gets an update, looks are either nude or 'full-on,' and hair is big again like it's 1989.

New York designers predominantly went for 'barely-there' makeup to put emphasis on their clothes. A few others, such as Marc Jacobs, felt like adding a bit more drama to their looks, most notably bold eyeliner, dark nails, and 'high hair.'

Red lipstick and big hair remain a favorite but are also far from original. However, an update of the red lip could be observed at many shows, with makeup artists going for other bright hues such as coral and orange that made for a much more 'springtime' look.

Another dominant trend seems to be the 'geisha theme,' which has been picked up by beauty brands such as Jelly Pong Pong. High Japanese-style buns, accentuated lipsticks and dramatic eyeliner are essential to re-create this makeup.

Other trends at the more daring shows included dark nails, 1980s crimped hair, and bright colors. The most spectacular makeup was thought up by design duo Rodarte who had their models' bodies painted with tribal 'tattoos.' Fake tattoos were also used at Chanel's and Jean Paul Gaultier's shows in Paris.

A fall trend that seems to be staying with us through spring are headbands, hats and hair accessories. Gareth Pugh's models looked like bizarre birds wearing feathered headpieces, Sonia Rykiel ironically played on French clichés with her updated disc berets, and Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy dressed his as if for the movie Coneheads.

Even if exaggerated, all these examples bear witness of the overwhelming headpiece trend, and it is safe to say that anything from gypsy-inspired headscarves to Alice bands and berets should be on the shopper's must-buy lists for spring.

London's designers alternated between nude makeup (especially nude lips) and dramatic looks ranging from dark lipstick and goth-inspired styles in general (a potential result of the Twilight craze) to 1990s 'power' beauty (hair gel, bold eyebrows) and big Hollywood hair. Looks were also heavily accessorized, and it looks as if 'nerd' glasses and hairpins are here to stay.

In Paris, Dior opted for 'Old Hollywood' glamour in Paris (similar to Gaultier's beauty looks at the haute couture shows in July) with dark eye makeup and red lips, and Yves Saint Laurent accentuated the models' bottom eyelashes (usually a no-go in beauty).