THIS weekend, the Sports Personality and Funniest Person of the Year will be announced. Killing two birds with one stone, the Candid Caller asked: Who is the Funniest Sports Personality?

Mr D Coleman of Hastings: 'Cricket umpire Dickie Bird is naturally funny. He's funny to watch as well. I loved the picture of him with the seagull on his head - he just let it land there]'

Mrs D Coleman of Penzance: 'Any of The Gladiators from the TV show - they are hilarious to look at.'

Mrs D Coleman of Poole: 'The funniest? I can tell you who are the least amusing: Nigel Mansell and Chris Eubank. For humour I'd suggest Frank Bruno - he always makes me laugh.'

Mr D Coleman of Nottingham: 'I'd say the all-time funniest was Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. He was both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar but he made me smile.'

Mrs D Coleman of Glasgow: 'I'd say the heayweight Herbie Hind, just because he looks so funny.'

Mr D Coleman of Bury St Edmunds: 'George Best is very funny. I went to a club dinner and he did the after-dinner speech. It was rich in parts, as you'd expect, but he was very funny about all the things that have happened to him, especially the scrapes.'

Mrs D Coleman of Oxford: 'A lot of people have laughed about Linford Christie's lunch box. Can I nominate that?'