Buy Me: Shirt-Dress
Summer holidays ... the beach at sunset ... the waves lapping ... cloudless skies. For some of us, thinking about it is as close as we will get to a beach this year. The lucky ones are probably out scouring the shops for the perfect bikini, that delectable sarong, and the thong sandal that will help glamorise the idyll.

For those of you who are aware of the dangers of UV, and for those that should be, the next essential item is the lightweight shirt-dress. This is one such example. Made from finest Italian linen with an overstitched tablecloth check, it comes from the home of the working woman's shirt - Workshop.

The shirt-dress can cover you from harmful rays by day and work for relaxed eveningwear, too, teamed with shorts and a body, or belted with flowing trousers and a cotton vest. If you like well-made garments that don't cost the earth, this is for you.

Workshop shirt-dress, pounds 89.50, available from 52 Bow Lane, London EC4. For mail order inquiries call 0171-498 5878.