Why Me?
In the fallout from the Cannes Film Festival, the tabloids have been full to bursting with ample photographs of Pamela Anderson. But what appears to have been overlooked is the much more shocking sartorial statement of Emma Thompson.

Ms Thompson, you may recall, once collected an Oscar while resembling a seaslug in a sludgy green sequinned ensemble by Caroline Charles. Since then she has taken no chances on the glamour stakes, usually opting for a little black something or other from Armani and Valentino ... until Cannes.

For Ms Thompson dared to turn up to the premiere of Carrington, the movie in which she stars, in the kind of attire one would expect for a hot evening in the south of France - low-slung, slinky jacket, a pair of jeans and open-toe sandals. "We thought she might get some flak, but it appears to have gone unnoticed," said a Carrington insider. Ah, but not by the Independent, which applauds Ms Thompson's sound sense and wishes to let her know she looked a good deal more chic than Ms Anderson.