A coat by Fendi reportedly costs as much as a mansion.

For most people one million euros goes a long way, but for customers of Fendi's new all-fur haute couture collection it amounts to just one coat.

Fendi's debut couture show dubbed 'Haute Fourrure' was shown last week in Paris - a collection of 30 looks as the title suggests - made out of fur.

But according to the Financial Times it wasn't just any old fur - with one particular coat estimated to price up at a staggering €1,000,000.

The coat in question is made up of sable, one of the more valuable types of fur. But the real explanation for the exorbitant cost is that every follicle of fur has been coated in silver giving it a luminous effect.


Unsurprisingly the show was the target of much criticism, and despite efforts to keep the venue a secret, protesters were seen demonstrating outside the venue.

Back in February when Fendi began plans for its first all-fur haute couture offerings PETA told The Independent:

"Fendi's "haute horreur" and their hiring of Karl Lagerfeld, who dresses like an undertaker and enjoys putting corpses into his collections, is all quite shameful and pathetic." Commented PETA UK Director Mimi Bekhechi.

"It's time for new innovative designers, working with cutting-edge technologies, to produce exquisite vegan fabrics that don't bleed, like new favourite Shrimps, and move fashion out of grandma's closet and into the future."