The perfume you always wanted: Dirt, earthworms and gin & tonic scents

Demeter Fragrance Library's bestsellers will hit Boots stores this month

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Demeter Fragrance Library will be landing in your local Boots store soon, with its unarguably oddly chosen perfumes based on “everyday scents” - including dirt, pipe tobacco and pizza.

The New York perfumer-with-a-difference sells fragrances that pledges to remind you of your best and sometimes worst memories.

In case you wanted a reminder of last night’s heavy drinking, there’s actually now a scent for that. Just splash gin & tonic perfume and keep that familiar smell of regret on all day long. Or, you’re feeling celebratory you could always try Champagne Brut.

Remember that time you didn’t wash your muddy clothes for a week after that festival? You can just travel back in time with Demeter’s “Dirt” fragrance.

There’s also the scent of earthworm, described by the brand's owner and CEO, Mark Crames,  as “deeper, richer and dirtier than Dirt”. Intriguing.

The label on the perfume bottles describe what’s inside: “Simple, subtle, singular scents. Each day. Everywhere”. So, forget about fruity and sexy perfumes, Demeter Fragrance Library is empowering “true-to-life scents”.

Mr Crames told The Independent: "Different scents make different people happy because of the experiences and memories that are associated to them. Some will have an affinity to the scent of tomato plants because they remind them of summer days spent pootling in the greenhouse. For others, the smell of dirt will remind them of carefree childhood days in the yard. Although many people simply enjoy wearing our scents because they’re unusual and stand apart from the majority of new releases that you might find in a typical department store.”

Founded in 1996, the perfumer launched with a trio of scents: Dirt, Grass and Tomato, but it has now created over a hundred quirky scents, and its bestsellers will be available for £15 for 30ml at 400 Boots stores nationwide from 9 September.  

'Dirt' is inspired by the dirt from the fields around the Pennsylvania family farm

Other favourites from their scent catalogue include swimming pool, salt air and dregs. Yes you too, could smell like the bottom of a barrel if so should wish. Unfortunately, these wont be be hitting Boots' perfume stands. Alternatively, you could try Dirt, Mushroom loaf and gin & tonic. Also, the brand is working on some UK-specific scents to introduce next year, including Brighton Pier, Chip Paper and Chelsea Bun.

However, not everything is so controversial. The collections also include more conventional scents like almond, aloe vera and amber. Foodies are also catered for: beetroot, black pepper, blackberry pie, apple pie and brownie, and in the run up to Christmas boost your festive spirit with Candy Cane Truffle.