Prince Charles sporting his polo look / Getty Images


Depending on your republican leanings, it could be argued that the British Monarchy represents both the best and worst of the country. So perhaps it's fitting that although the Prince of Wales was recently named as one of GQ's best-dressed men, he has featured on worst-dressed lists. But that hasn't stopped his odd ascent to the top of British fashion.

As well as hosting a reception at St James's Palace tonight to mark the launch of the male fashion week, London Collections: Men, Charles can be found musing on his sartorial style in the latest issue of GQ.

It's difficult to argue against the classical elegance of a well-cut suit – the Prince's go-to outfit. And, in the way that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, the double-breasted style he has long stuck to has recently returned to favour. He is, of course, is in a position to engage the services of Savile Row and these are the men who have led British tailoring to be an export much in demand. He might not be quite as at home with the urban-inspired streetwear likely to be celebrated at London Collections: Men, but, as a much in-demand British export himself, he's actually cut from the same cloth.