With this year's Jade nail polish in mint green, French luxe brand Chanel has landed the biggest varnish blockbuster after introducing its dark red and black Vamp shade in the 1990s.

The green Jade, which inspired similar nail polishes by other beauty labels (see Essie Mint Candy or MAC Peppermint, for example), sold out quickly after its launch during Fashion's Night Out in September, and checking auction site eBay (US) confirms that the few remaining bottles have caused an incident of  beauty 'hype,' selling at more than a hundred dollars a piece.

Chanel launched the ultra-dark nail polish trend when it released its Vamp shade (initially called Rouge Noir), a look that is having a major comeback this season. Vamp generated $1 million dollars of sales in its first year alone, a success unparalleled by any other nail polish.

Jade, which was first spotted at the label's fall/winter fashion show, is also available in the pinkish Jade Rose for $23 .