After eyebrows got bleached, shaved or not paid attention to at all by designers, they seem to be back with a bang: bold shapes and bright colors even made them the facial focus in some cases.

Balenciaga dyed models' brows in neon orange and green, Topshop Unique glued furry monobrows to their faces, and Armani's makeup artist, Linda Cantello created a second pair of eyebrows right underneath the natural ones, using grey and pink lip pencils.

While these looks might not exactly prove wearable, there were also labels such as Prada that settled for drawn-on, bushy-looking brows. Pat McGrath, responsible for the label's makeup, had bleached the eyebrows for the two preceding seasons, so her move to paint them on this time could particularly hint at a growing trend.

At Cristiano di Cristiano Burani, the trend took even softer forms, with the brows being filled in with dark color, causing them to look bolder but in a more natural way.