Trending: Looking for hits in all the wrong places


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When French Vogue editor Emanuelle Alt lip-synched her way through Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" for the relaunch of the magazine's website last month, she started a bit of a trend. The latest enterteditor (that's editor-turned-entertainer, duh) is Julie Vadnal, one of US Elle's junior staffers, who under her stage-name "Julez" appears in a music video the magazine has made called "My Heels". "I wanna a guy to make me feel the way I feel in my heels," she sings throughout the obligatory Ovidian transformation from office drudge to disco goddess.

But surrounded as she is by flamboyant male dancers decked out in new-season Givenchy and razor-sharp stilettos, one can only assume that poor Julie has been looking in the wrong fashion cupboard.