Snails: New skincare product in Siberia / Reuters


In the never-ending search for eternal youth, nothing is considered too extreme or, in light of a new treatment from Siberia, too unnervingly gross. The snail facial (a Snaicial?) is said to restore weather-beaten skin to its luminescent best, thanks to an active ingredient in the snotty snail slime that beats wrinkles and helps to heal scars and burns.

Perhaps this is the closest to A-list glamour one can get in the wilds of Siberia. Presumably, Siberians are a less squeamish lot than this beauty journalist. But, to someone who still hasn't got over the retch-fest that is a piranha pedicure (conducted with skin-munching garra rufa rather than real piranha, thankfully, as a dip with those feet-eating fish would be a one-time only sort of spa experience), this latest treatment seems one to avoid.

Maybe it works, or maybe it's a bunch of old escargots. Just ask yourself this: if these snails really were the next big thing in skincare brilliance, wouldn't most paving stones look a bit more radiant?