The latest fashion magazine to be launched will not result in further destruction of the rainforests, or prove a burden on your pocket.

N-touch, a true magazine for the Nineties, is available only on the Internet. Students on the BA (Hons) Fashion promotion course at the London College of Fashion have written and produced the magazine, with a little help from the technical wizardry of Fariba Farshad and Frank Rickett, who put it on line.

Gaining access to N-touch couldn't be easier. Simply take yourself off to the nearest cybercafe - Cyberia in London's West End, for example - or check out your local area, as such venues are popping up everywhere at the moment, then type in the address of the magazine:

This will get you into N-touch, and with a click of your mouse, you can read about the latest catwalk predictions, watch a futuristic fashion shoot, or muse about the discipline required to become fit and healthy.

The magazine is interactive, so look for highlighted words (usually in pink or blue). Try the word "hidden", for example - click on it and a new page will come on screen. This will give the reader the opportunity to offer feedback and advice to the students about further issues.

Trying the Net just once, as I have, will leave you wanting more, and the accessibility of N-touch for women, in a male-dominated computer world, is refreshing. I want to be a Net babe!!

If you haven't got access to a cybercafe or an online computer, you can see N-touch at Graduate Fashion Week, which takes place from 12-16 June at the Business Design Centre in Islington, north London, on Stand B