try me: new-look knee boots

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It is that time again. The sales have run out of steam, next season's clothes are beginning to arrive in the shops, and the glossy magazines are full of the "looks" they hope we will wear for the next six months.

It can be difficult with so much on offer to ascertain what will be a true essential, but one thing is for sure - the sexy knee-high boot will be one of them.

Trying this pair, by Patrick Cox, was an absolute treat. They have the most perfect low, spindly heel, and are elegantly contoured to make the most unshapely feet look quite gorgeous.

Foot fetishism aside, the practicalities of these boots mean that the two-piece skirt suit and three-quarter-length belted mac, favoured by most designers this season, look just right with them.

There are certain things to avoid wearing with them, such as a skirt that covers the knee, (the silhouette will look blobby), opaque tights, and leggings (for obvious reasons).

Patrick Cox has made his boots from a specially treated stretch suede, so there are no fasteners. This is fine if you have slim calves and ankles, as they can go on and off with a little help from a friend, but if you are a cross-country runner, perhaps just plain leather with a zip or lace fastening would suit you better.

Suede knee-high boots, pounds 425, available from Patrick Cox, 8 Symons Street London SW1. The boots will be in-store from the end of August. Shelly's have also done a version of the boot for a more affordable pounds 64.99. For mail order enquiries, call 0181 450 0066.