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"Get your snow boots on, go get your snow boots on". With this appropriate tune, by the group Galliano, humming away in my head, I entered the Snow Boot Zone.

My adventure began with choosing an appropriate outfit, white tights and silver and white Patrick Cox snow boots, complete with sci-fi silver reflector panels. The boots werewarm and my feet were in heaven - the only problem was the shuffle I developed. I left home looking as if I'd walked out of The Brady Bunch.

To the untrained eye, I might have looked like an American teenager: pink cardigan, black mini-kilt, and the dreaded white tights; the boots added a cute snow-bunny apres-ski dimension. To the trained fashion eye of the West End girls, however,I was sur

e I would provoke a snide "What on earth is she wearing?"

My mission for the day was to go shopping, and my next-door neighbour, Jay, was to accompany me. I was preparing myself for laughter when I knocked on his door, especially when I looked down and was reminded of the Abba girls clad for the Eurovision SongContest. Instead I got no reaction, at all - Jay did not bat an eyelid.

This snapped me out of my snow boot-inspired reverie. I tried to play it cool, but couldn't. "What do you think?" I asked. "I bet they keep your feet warm," he said.

And so my fashion adventure came to an end before it began, which was probably a good thing. Still, watching the shoppers look round for the source of the divine glow produced by my silver reflectors kept me amused while waiting in the several queues that punctuated the day.

Snow boots could be the next big thing in footwear, especially if the cold snap continues. And I shall let you in on a little secret: the West End girls - well, at least the fashion victims among them - in their de rigueur high heels eyed my boots longingly. Perhaps I'll start a trend.

Snow boots, £60, from Patrick Cox, 8 Symons Street, London SW3, 071-730 6504.