The clothes line
Remember Lip-Coat that was used to fix down your gluey orange lipstick during the early Eighties? If you do, you may also recollect that you could not eat or speak properly for at least 15 minutes after application, it peeled horribly when faced with one too many Pernod and blacks, and tasted like the dregs of a bottle of meths.

All this in the name of a stain-free, long-lasting lipstick.

If you like the idea of your lipstick never straying from your lips, you'll love Shiseido's new range of Staying Power lipsticks. With their new formula of molecules that mould on to your lips and stay there, Shiseido promises that their lipsticks will not leave unsightly reminders of your presence on cups, glasses, or people.

I did the snog test (several times just to make sure), the cappuccino test (the cup was unblemished); and even the crusty baguette and pickle test. I emerged serene, my lipstick intact.

Smooth to apply with an excellent clean finish, the Rouge Celebre/Red and Famous colour I tried was deep, vibrant and, most importantly for this season, (throw your lipgloss away ladies), very matt. It didn't need re-applying for about six hours and only peeled slightly later on in the evening, needing a fresh start rather than a top-up coat.

My only problem with Staying Power was due to its effectiveness. After a few hours of unmarked coffee cups, I had the feeling that I was going to be left with a lipstick tattoo forever. The lipstick also dried so heavily on my lips during the day that my lips were in bondage and I had a permanent pout - a cute look but not if you're trying to talk business.

By the evening, I also hankered for the glamour of red-stained cigarette ends in the ashtray, discarded wine glasses with their Clara Bow kisses on the side and a solitary espresso cup tinged with red as evidence of a sensual evening. Sometimes, a girl likes to be remembered.

Staying Power Lipstick, pounds 16, will be available shortly from Shiseido counters nationwide. For further inquiries call 0171-792 1575.