Try me: VPL

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We have spared you the spectacle of a bottom close up, complete with a visible panty line. But a VPL is what you would have seen, had we printed a photograph of me in the new "No VPL" briefs from Playtex, for they do not live up to their promise.

And I had so hoped they would. Here was a chance to wear a pair of white knickers with a lace trim, instead of an uncomfortable G-string under my favourite skinny-fit black jeans. Here was an opportunity too good to turn down. For the VPL is something most women fear, and a G-string is rather awkward; you never forget you are wearing one.

These were not heavy-duty girdle undies, but rather normal-looking briefs with cleverly stitched flat seams designed to minimise what shows through. So I happily went about my chores safe in the knowledge that my comfy knickers were VPL-free - until a well-meaning colleague, who didn't know of my experiment, mentioned the rather noticeable VPL. I was mortified.

I am not guilty of trying to squeeze my buttocks into too small a pair; they were my size. Perhaps they were meant to be worn with a dress? But the press material said I could wear them with trousers. Maybe they look marvellous on other bottoms, but as for mine ...

No VPL briefs are from the Cherish range by Playtex; Cherish Lace cost pounds 6.99 per pair and are available in sizes 8-24. From House of Fraser, Debenhams and leading department stores nationwide.