UPDATE:Egg and chips

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Antoni and Alison have become well-known for their concept T-shirts. They are conceptual because of the thought Antoni and Alison has invested in them; but if you don't want to think deeply about being a "Modernist", or saying "Egg and Chips", "Cup of Tea" or just plain "Love It" then that's OK too. Antoni and Alison won't mind.

They have just presented their autumn and winter collection to buyers at London Fashion Week, and this season they have broadened their range to include clothes, as well as T-shirts, knickers and bags. The clothes are perhaps more functional than conceptual, but that is because some have been made by traditional British overall manufacturers to their exacting standards.

They are still using words to identify certain garments - choose Square, Contemporary, Progressive or Avant Garde - all stitched on to the back pocket of the same style of navy drill trouser; they have matching jackets too. In addition, they have done some simple dresses with colourful beading across the front, to be worn with two-tone bobble hats, and a donkey jacket. Sounds strange, maybe, but as Antoni says "Not getting the point is what it is all about."