Sold out Valentino Rockstud shoes send company profits soaring

The success of the studded heels earns them a place amongst the most iconic designer accessories of all time.

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With multiple collections a year, many designer accessories come and go without much fanfare. However every now and then there's an extra special item that is a runaway success with the fashion world and beyond clambering to get hold of it.

Valentino's Rockstud shoes fall into the latter category. Since their launch in 2010, the studded heels have sold out every year.

Five years on and Valentino's sales are enjoying a 36% boost since 2010 - with over half of those sales made up by accessories. No prizes for guessing the key contributor to those figures.

The Rockstud shoes, which retail around the £620 mark for a pair of high heels and £575 for the flat versions, have now earned their place in the "iconic accessories" hall of fame.


The list is made up of designer items that have transcended the seasons to become a classic - buy now, wear forever, and in some cases even increase in value.