Victoria's Secret launches new line with sexy films starring Angels Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt

The lingerie label's Simple Sexy collection debuts with films starring Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt.

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Victoria's Secret has launched a new line of lingerie with the help of its Angels in racy new promotional films.

Simple Sexy is the new underwear range that focuses on comfort and fit rather than the more ostentatious catwalk designs that the label is known for.

To celebrate the launch, American lingerie giant has created two shoppable films to show off its new collection on two of its loveliest models.

In the first of the films Lily Aldridge is featured as the rather hapless host of a dinner party. A few kitchen nightmares later and Aldridge has changed clothing numerous times and committed the potentially extremely hazardous activity of cooking in her underwear.

The second video features Martha Hunt who accidentally gets locked out of her apartment decked out in just her underwear and has to enlist the help of her easy-on-the-eye upstairs neighbour to come to her rescue.

The Simple Sexy collection includes The T-Shirt bra, The Fabulous bra, The Incredible bra and finally the limited edition range of unlined styles.


Prices for the bras start at £32 available in Victoria's Secret stores across the UK.