The National Retail Federation says that due to the ongoing economic recession, people will make their costumes this Halloween instead of buying them. Here are ten DIY tutorials on how to create some of the most popular looks yourself.

How-to Make Recycled Fairy Wings: ThreadBanger creates fairy wings out of old clothes hangers and tights.

Demon Wings for Halloween Costume : BFX: Here's the equivalent for boys, submitted by Indy Mogul.

Make A Catwoman Costume: Gianny L designs a catsuit (plus mask!) out of items every woman has at home.

Make a ninja costume: Pizz4dud3 shows viewers an unfussy way of dressing up for Halloween -- he is ready to go in just six minutes.

Bumblebee Transformers Costume DIY: Boys will love this movie-inspired costume made of foam, paint, and a bike helmet.

wXw Episode 4: DIY Gypsy Costume: Xteeener uses clothes already sitting in her wardrobe to create this quick and wallet-friendly look.

DIY Lady Gaga Poker Face Mask Tutorial: For the seriously crafty: Use foam and shiny decal paper to re-create the mask worn by the star in her music video.

How to make a Michael Jackson Costume: Tips on how to stylishly impersonate the recently deceased King of Pop, one of the most popular choices this year, according to Money magazine.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Pirate Costume: Essortment shows you how to create the look for men, using wardrobe basics and adding just a few newly-bought items.

Halloween Costumes DIY- 2: These looks are slightly unrealistic to create in your own home but still fun to watch.