Video tutorials: How to knit

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For obvious reasons, knitting comes back into fashion every winter but recently, the craft has enjoyed a popularity that goes beyond the annual return to a hobby, with so-called 'knitting cafés' sprouting up and glossy books being published on the topic. Here are five of the best video tutorials to get you started.

The basics -- The video posted by CyberSeams is the most popular beginner video on YouTube. It shows you how to cast on, knit rows, and bind off to complete a simple project.


Scarves -- Knit Picks talks you through the perfect project to get you started.


Socks -- A popular Christmas gift, socks are actually not that difficult to knit. has a playlist of five videos showing you exactly how to do it.


Hats and fingerless gloves -- Moving on to the more stylish accessories, these tutorials are still easy to follow but will already give you more original results.

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Sweaters -- The master class of knitting takes a playlist of 16 videos to complete, but judging from this first clip by Expert Village, it's worth it.