Not since Mark Wahlberg's and Kate Moss's campaign for Calvin Klein have the label's ads been this sexually provocative: after a few relatively mushy underwear ads including one starring actress Eva Mendes, the US brand is going full-frontal again with the help of Twilight star Kellan Lutz.

Joined by male models Mehcad Brooks, Fernando Verdasco, and Hidetoshi Nakata, Lutz leans towards the camera, suggestively snaps his tight underpants' waistband and gets into some serious 'bed talk.'

The guys' text goes: "Hey. Hey you. Wanna see my [bleep]? I said: do you wanna see my [bleep]? [Snapping of waistbands.]

"Come on, don't be shy. All the girls go [bleep]ing crazy. Wanna see it? Eyes up here. You wanna see more? I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

"You wanna see my [bleep]? What the [bleep] is wrong with you? You know you like that [bleep]! Are you looking at me? Come closer, come on. Wait, not so close. I'm just [bleep]ing with you.

"You wanna be [bleep]ing with me? Me too. Calvin's got me covered. [Snapping of waistbands.]"

The campaign, which is already causing a stir on the internet, was launched to promote Calvin Klein's new X underwear range for men that's already available.