Weekly beauty tutorials: 1980s hair

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Seems like it was too early to file looks from the 1980s under 'fashion graveyard:' first, leggings came back in style, then bold shoulder jackets abounded on the runways, and now freshly named British Hairdresser of the Year, Akin Konizi, says the main hair trend for this winter is the style from that decade. Here's how to achieve the look.

Inspiration - These hairstyles seem proof of why we initially buried 1980s hair but don't despair: the following tutorials will show you how to update the looks, using pictures like these as mere inspiration.

Big 1980s hair - Waves, perms, crimps, and curls: you name it, this vlogger shows you how to get it, with a 2010 twist.

'Mall hair' - "You too can look like an extra in Heathers," says Fuzzy Blue Logic who created this 'triumphant' and 'authentic' hairstyle.

Quick & easy - Most 1980s hairstyles are very time-consuming to create, but The Coveted has a look that takes only two minutes. No perm, no teasing, and almost no products involved.

Fauxhawk - For the very daring: MissChievous talks you through creating a punkish mohawk look.