From celebrities' dieting secrets to easy fitness routines and tips on how to keep your new weight: try these new YouTube tutorials to get back in shape before spring.

The celebrity way - Ever heard celebs say they "can eat what they want" and "love pizza and ice cream?" Yeah right. Reality tastes like apple cider vinegar, dandelion leaf tea and watercress soup.

Work it out - The 'Holiday Remedy' gives you 15 short exercises for the gym developed by professional athletes from which nine need to be chosen each day.

Home fitness - Don't feel like leaving the house at all? This tutorial shows you how to get the most out of your Wii Fit Plus console. But: as the vlogger points out, the Wii is no long-term replacement for other physical exercise.

A downward dog's life - Alternatively, yoga fans can tune into Tara Stiles' video channel. The yoga pro has developed special short routines for holiday weight loss and against hangover that can easily be integrated into your workout.

Long-term weight loss - In order to avoid the yoyo effect, try these tips given by a food columnist to achieve a long-term habit change.