After eyebrows have been bleached and even shaved for the runway shows in past seasons, this time around it seems that natural and sometimes even bold eyebrows are back. Watch these tutorials for the right shape for your face, plucking tips, and make-up looks.

First things first: get the shape right. Howdini's Vinnetta Scrivo shows you how to frame your face, defining your brows.

Michelle Phan has more tips for you: apply ice to numb pain, and draw a preview with a white make-up pencil to avoid overplucking.

A common mistake is overplucking, since eyebrows seldomly grow back properly. This YouTube user has the problem herself and demonstrates effectively how even very sparse brows can be filled in to look naturally full.

It's not only hip to sport natural-looking eyebrows but also to make them look bolder than they naturally are. Rimmel London gives you tips on how to achieve the look without overdoing it.

Integrate a bold eyebrow into your evening make-up look as shown in this Rihanna-inspired tutorial.