The winter season is the toughest on our skin, hair, and nails, since they dehydrate easily. Use these easy tips on YouTube to guide you through your care routine.

General hair care - YouTube beauty vlogger Andrea shows you the serums, conditioners, and hair ironing protectors that are essential to keeping your hair look good and healthy this winter. Plus: some hat styling ideas for bad hair days.

Protective hair styles - One of the easiest ways to protect your hair from the cold is to use moisturizing products and then braid the hair to 'trap' the moisture. This video gives you a pretty, unfussy braiding look, but there are dozens of other styles on YouTube.

Skin care routine - Even in the winter, it is crucial to protect your skin from sun damage: this video shows you how to keep your skin glowing and how to exfoliate without investing into expensive products.

Natural skin care treatment - This easy, home-made solution, a mix of cream and honey, will keep your skin moist and supple during the cold season.

Skiing skin care - Jennifer Walsh shows you what to pack to protect your skin on the slopes and make it look its best for the après-ski bar.